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Grillmeister | Commercials
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‘Grillmeister’, the BBQ gas tank by Westfalen Gas. Male target audience, that’s for sure. But how could you transform a gas tank into an exciting topic for a commercial? Only if you add some extraordinary stories and combine it with a healthy portion of humor. So we developed three ads, depicting a group of buddies and their offbeat adventures.

Director/Camera: Sven Stausberg
Excecutive Producer: Elisabeth Decker
Editing: Sebastian Förstel
Motion Design: Phil Alderman
Unit Manager: Stefan Wollenberg
Agency/Production: Meavision Media GmbH

Westfalen Gas

Grillmeister | Making Of
Westfalen Gas cow TVC
Making of Westfalen Gas

We shot the ad “Men also eat seafood” at the Dutch shore with our animal star: Lieneke, the cow! Besides our BBQ loving buddies – starring Carlo Sohn, Lenard Kunde, Marc Brinkmann and Michael Hintzen – at the end of each commercial you’ll hear the manliest voice ever. Namely Manfred Lehmann, the German dubbing voice of Bruce Willis.