Way of Life

A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is not just a trend for us. It's a choice. We try to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit, conserve resources and make sure to use regional and seasonal products.

Conserving resources made easy

Environmental protection starts with small things: Even the smart use of office materials, saving energy and paper are important steps towards sustainable everyday life. We only print what is really necessary. But with recycled paper. And 100% green energy flows through all the lines, of course.

Always on the move

What works in Holland, works here anyway: The way to work with the nose in the fresh air? Of course we do: We ride our bikes! There are many ways to reduce your own ecological footprint. It doesn't matter whether it's by bike, public transport or planting trees to compensate. We want to become 100% CO2 neutral by the end of 2024.

Mindful & Conscious

While we burn for our clients, we don't burn our team. Of course, things often have to move quickly in a film production. Also, every now and then it comes to the one or the other extra hour. But we always pay attention to flexibility and resilience.

Colorful & candid

Meavision is a true Rhinelander: Everyone is welcome and enriches us! Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age or origin. Because every Jeck (carnival reveler) is different and that's a good thing.

Social & committed

Social commitment is not a buzzword for us. We are committed! For example, for many years with documentaries, corporate films and TV commercials for the first German children's and youth hospice: The Balthasar in Olpe.