Producer / Concept Designer

If someone asks you, what your true passion was, you don’t answer that you just like to write or develop ideas! No, you literally light a text up and create pioneering concepts that convince at all levels? Then apply now as a freelance writer / concept designer.


You don’t see yourself as someone who just hacks together images one after another? No, you are an editor with heart and soul. Regardless whether in collaboration with a director / producer or on your own, your films prove that post production is an art form? Then apply now as a freelance editor.

Motion Designer

You live and breathe for the fine-tuning of any film? When you put finishing touches on, design moving pictures, animate graphics and typography, each film receives a unique look? Then apply now as a freelance motion graphic designer.


You have the magic touch for capturing the right images, for catching life in the act – in pragmatic and dramatic ways as well as in any situation? No matter the conditions? Then apply now as a freelance cameraman.


You love to create a cinematic masterpiece out of an idea, a storyboard or a screenplay? And you have a unique sense for images, actors and for the entire film crew, so that you are able to consistently bring out the best in anyone? Then apply now as a freelance director.


We are always looking for support in our editorial team. You would like to collect some media production experience alongside your communications studies? Then apply now for an internship (editorial and production assistance). 

Please send your application to: e.decker(at)
Documents: portfolio / showreel, references, daily rate / salary